Party Loot


Raw money and Liquid Assets
12​​​​ Bullion Golden Ingots (1400GP Each) The Seal on gold is geometric crest in circular pattern, the party unfamiliar with house or the seal in question. This gold is secured in Orlovsky Manor in Restov. The only way that it can be accessed is if all 6 party members are present
Magical Items
2 Flask of Alchemists Fire (10gp each)
20 flasks
10 glass vials
3 potions CLW (75gp)
2 Vial of Holy Water (50gp)
3 cold iron daggers (6gp)
2 Cold iron spears (4gp)
4 Spiked Cleats (SMALL) (10gp)
4 Scythes (Medium) (36gp)
2 longspear hafts (n/a)
20 Cold iron Crossbow bolts (2gp)
1 Brass Combat Scabbard (0.5gp)
1 Medium Scale Mail (25gp)
Survival Gear
2 Cold weather gear (4gp each)
2 Trap, Nonlethal Bear (1.5gp each)
Wrist Sheath, spring-loaded (2.5gp)
Mundane Supplies
224 days of animal feed
10 Cake Mix
500lb of Coal
340 common meals
2 Nanny Goats
5 Rope (50ft)
20 bars of Soap
12 Tea (Ceremonial, fancy)
180 days, worth of Trail Rations
19 bottles of Wine 
1 Bathtub
1 Book lariat
2 Manacles
1 Fine wooden box containing 6 flasks of quality Absinthe
1 Bottle of Anti-Toxin


  1. An ancient grimoire within a waterproofed wood and leather case, bound in a pebble-textured turquoise leather with pewter caps and clasp, penned in a vibrant cerulean ink by a scribbling hand. The chapters are thoroughly embellished with extravagant tabulations of what appear to be numerals and calculations. There are frequent illustrative figures that appear to be sketched diagrams of geometrical relationships, and they are often labeled with what you recognize as the archaic symbols used in academic formalism to denote various Planes of existence. There are obviously some sections missing — torn out of the binding — because the page numbers show gaps of various sizes. Nevertheless, the tome is in good condition, considering its age and environment. Given its age and the materials of its construction, it might fetch anywhere between 800 and 1,250gp from an antiques dealer or scholar.
  2. A large, round, thick-leather sheathe, lavishly embossed with sinuous organic motifs, containing a silver-framed lens of translucent clouded crystal the color of absinthe which is the size of a hand-mirror. The frame of the lens is masterfully sculpted with flowing whorls which the protective sheathe was clearly decorated to match. Although it does not appear to emanate a magical aura, this beautiful artisanal work might fetch between 1,100 and 2,000gp from an aristocrat or collector. EVIL, IF WE GAZE UPON IT, WE TAKE CORRUPTION
  3. A scroll-tube of stiff cured and lacquered leather still sealed with wax. It contains a scroll of vellum meticulously drawn upon with black ink to depict an elaborate geometrical diagram (shown above). The scroll tube also contains what appears to be an astrological chart, inscribed by obviously-fine instruments and masterful precision upon expensive vellum. These surviving documents were clearly created with care and expensive materials. They might adorn a collector's display of curios as handsome conversation pieces and might fetch anywhere between 220 and 3,000gp depending on what the buyer believes they are and how well educated they may be.
    The Scroll is made of fine silk and shows strange geometrical diagram, The other shows a star chart (Unidentified)
  4. A carefully wrapped and sealed large platinum, ebony and ivory puzzle box (800 – 1,550 gp) (DC 25 Int check, one attempt represents a week's work, you take a penalty on this check equal to your Wisdom modifier). It is obviously old, but most of its value likely comes from its construction materials and the quality of its design as an intact curio.

    Locked Bronze-strapped Lacquered Wooden Trunk

Weighing 70 pounds as it is, this compact trunk is packed to the brim with what appear to be quartz prisms, each faceted in a unique shape and cleverly arranged to all fit within the space of the trunk, though the packing material has long since disintegrated with time and damp. They are not perfectly clear, though their inclusions are not the natural imperfections which rock crystals usually contain. Instead, their clouded interiors show a bewildering variety of forms and patterns. Some resemble clouds of multicolored ink frozen immediately after dropping it into water. Others show tiny random dots like puffs of soot caught in an instant of time, but each tiny speck is connected to a number of others by razor-thin streaks in a vast cobweb pattern. Still others seem to be clear, but change colors depending on which side you look through. Still others contain slivers of flat planes closely packed together like transparent pages of books, and whatever the pages would show is too garbled by the overlap of its adjacent pages to decipher.

Party Loot

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