World Roots: Big fucking tree, has a pond inside that generates 1 soul power a year. Was being corrupted, some fey and a awakened rabbit stopped this. Currently being used as base for a band of fools and one smart wizard. Is sacred to the feyfolk and nature lovers. Keep Kia-Ying away from it.

God of the Weeping Sea: Some emo god of water and those who live in water. Told us about big bad corruption stuff and fucked off with his sapphire gem thing. Was surprised by giving back his gem, thinking no more of his followers were on this realm. 

Bolrero and the Deal: Bolrero some fire outsider ended up making some sort of deal with some angel guys. Two of them attacked the group and one refused to attack the group. What could this mean? Who is Bolrero? Who are the angel guys? More importantly how will this effect the party? Tune in next time to find out! 

Old battle: Some old battle happened were we fought some bitch dryad. What we know is some uppity barbarian warlord attacked some dirt farmers and killed them all. Found some ring belonging to the Baron of said dirt farmers. 

Spooky Tower: So what we know about this tower is more or less, bad things happened. Which in turn caused spooky things to happen. Some ghost boy was having a 24/7 temper tantrum about how is mom is gone. So we as a good party tired to punch him. Once seeing this failed we burnt a few things and were happy that worked. Almost lost our poor shaman :( 

The Werewolf incident: While roaming around we found a werewolf, for once our first response wasn't to punch it! Instead we healed it a little bit and some spaghetti was puked up. We punched that. Werewolf bro ran away. Good chance its loop, maybe? I think this is were a few of us got some vials of corruption. 





Dreammaker Ripples