Locations of interest and sometimes not


The Root: Primary Base of Operations, Contains hte Soul well, Protect this shit at all costs, functioning as a 'quasi-leper colony'

Olegs Trading Post: The Party's former base of operations. Currently lays abandoned but we have all the intent to reclaim it as soon as possible due to it's convenience along primary roads.

Restov: The major city, home to the party's sponsor

Shrine: An ancient Ruined Shrine that was partially restored by Thok. The party know of an entity called "Weeping Sea" that might still resides here.

Old Weinte (V-eye-nt): Really chill tree. Has helped us a bit and provides us wisdom here and there.

Digsite: A bunch of Cairnes and old ruins of the ancient barbarian tribes from years of old

The Ruined Fort: A location the party found the acting as the base of the Stag Lord. This would function as a decent base of operations in the near future if the party can establish a permanent population here.

The Lake: Home of an Aboleth and an ancient water complex the party plan on investigating

Bolrero's Fort: WAS full of trolls, Could be again. We know some supposed evil entity known as Bolrero. We ran as fast as we could when we interupted something. We are sorry about that. Regardless. We need to address it soon and figure out what's going on with that place.

Pitax: City sized settlement. Belongs to some faction of the River Kingdoms. Can buy up to 3rd level scrolls; week to prepare none are available.

Town to the South: Small dirt farmer village.


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