Djondre The Rejk

fabled pretender-god


Said to be an ancient and powerful lich, details about his history and personality are murky at best. A fiend has stated that the vampire lord Francois Holfstadt is one of his servants in the Deep Dark.

A Called Planetar has described him as a blasphemy against the natural order which must be destroyed. The eavesdropping fiend characterized him as a potential savior of all the world’s souls.


A profile on The Rejik.

While the memory is fresh, I believe it’s prudent to record everything I know about the Lich known as the Rejik. I do not claim for this to be completely accurate, but it as best as can be done with what I know.

It is long established that the magic of the world has been dwindling, or at least that the methods of old are long forgotten to time. The ancient Numarian witches in particular are often cited to have achieved feats unattainable today by even the grandest of mages. I had assumed that this was due to a sprawling system of covens, the suffusion of magic in the era, and the embellishment of their memory over time. While this may still be case, there have also been whispers of a youth that catalyzed the swell of magic in that time. I believe this to be The Rejik.

I believe the Rejik was a powerful soul who was one of the few who passed knowingly on from the previous incarnation of this world. Born again a child, I do not know how much of his previous life he recalls, but he certainly retained his potency as a caster. In his teens he grew deathly ill, and was taken before the elders and magic wielders of his tribe. He was laid on a mat of fronds, sweating and dying. Rather than lose such a powerful and likely loved youth, they worked the necromancies of lichdom into his soul. I doubt he chose un-life, and I suspect he is still bitter.

Because he did not perform the ceremony himself, and given the ancient period, I do not believe he knows where his phylactery is. It is very possible that he does not have one, or that his soul is somehow tied to his carnal form itself. Given that he does not know, it can be surmised that his body has not been destroyed within his memory.

The denizens of the deep are rightfully respectful of his power, he is known for flaying alive those that do not please him. Slaves, the dead, ratfolk, drugar, and drow all do his bidding, and he is known to have made deals with powerful outsiders to get what he wants. It seems that he enforces some sort of chain of command. The vampire lord Holfstadt, Circae, and a skeletal dragoon called Druscilla all sit fairly high on this chain. It can be assumed that the undead hold a higher status than the living, who may be harvested and held for sustenance and labor.

It is known that he has been gathering the “keys” and the “spores”. As we still do not know of any functional use, I cannot hazard a guess as to what end. He also gathers to himself slaves, artifacts, rare herbs, texts, and jewels of seemingly no connection. He is powerful enough that he does not gather political allies, his reputation among the political powers that be is more than enough to secure whatever he claims.

He has been compared to a god, and has both been called the world’s destructor and its savior. I do not believe we would be able to defeat him in direct confrontation. I do not know that we would want to if we could. If we choose to make an enemy of him then we should cut down his lieutenants. He is not well liked by some underground, so there may lie potential allies with both drugar and drow.

This is all I know of the status of the underground and the Rejik.

Djondre The Rejk

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