Gritzy thought she was human, and lived as human most of her life. She traveled with thieves and roustabouts, roughing up whoever she could for what little they had. When her life was turned upside down, and her friends slaughtered by “the law”, she was let go under the condition that she find faith and change her ways.

Gritzy quickly tries to fit into her peer groups, flattering and providing what assistance she can in the hopes that they treat her well.

Gritzy’s friends include: Father Burkshire, a kindly old priest who fed and housed her while she found her faith.
Hathaway, the street urchin that was also living in the hostel below the chapel.
Warren, the Cardinal that summoned an outsider, and revealed her aasimar blood.
Avoraa, the hound archon set to defend her on the mission



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