This page serves to track and organize various modes of communication. Please help keep it tidy.


We will be using Discord for our voice communication. Please ensure that you have a working headset with microphone, or that you can prevent background noise and feedback. As common courtesy to your fellow players, you need to learn how to use push-to-talk. Most text communication can be handled there, as well.


We will be using Roll20 as our Virtual Tabletop for actual gameplay. Please familiarize yourself with its interface if you have not done so already.

Obsidian Portal

We will be using Obsidian Portal (this site) to help manage campaign information. Please do not bother posting crap to Roll20 since it is not well suited to organizing or disseminating bulk / complex information. You should keep a version of your character sheet synchronized here (you could just use your character's page here to host a link to your mythweavers sheet if you are not worried about losing access to any of your information), and of course the wiki should be updated by the party to track your party's inventory, kingdom stats and other miscellaneous data as it becomes important.


Mythweavers is a popular site to keep track of character sheets, and is certainly an option, though you need to ensure that links to your character's sheet are permanently available.

The Players' Directory

You can fill out this table with other contact information about yourself (such as your email address and availability notes):

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