abominated feydrake - DECEASED


She provides the vibrant lust for cruelty and greed of the duo, since Lyudmilla lacks the drive to seek out new victims. Tixmiksorixiks nurses a seething hatred for … well, everything, and her only real limitation is her short attention span. Posing as Lyudmilla’s familiar, Tix was the fire which fueled the hate engines driving Lyudmilla and Nugrah both. Although Tix’s wild imagination was responsible for many terrible ideas, she apparently was not the convincing factor in Lyudmilla’s infiltration of the bandit fort. Tix was only too pleased by the effects of Lyudmilla’s charms.

Kai-Ying has implied that Tix and Lyudmilla have gained an extraordinary amount of power from some source she does not understand, and after having seen Tix’s new form, it is an assessment easy to corroborate. Tix has become a unnatural monster beyond the ken of mere beast or dragon, and displays weirding powers every bit as imposing as her gargantuan physique.

She met her end after she overestimated her own durability in the face of a well-armed and prepared band of adventurers — such is the fate of so many dragons.



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