fey dryad


Burtch has mentioned his friend Thissle, a dryad shepherding the woods in the Greenbelt. She isn’t apparently the only dryad inhabiting the woods, but certainly the most hospitable that you know of. She has little patience for Men who come with their metal and their fire, and her wild nature gives her a temper as sharp as her thorny claws. She has been known to wax poetically philosophical about the Root nearby, but is otherwise firmly grounded in the reality of protecting the wood and soil of the forest she herds.

Her dark sister slew her in vengeance, using her as a perverse mount for a ring Olienne was using in her twisted game. And a benevolent Druid reincarnated her fey spirit before its time in the Stream eroded her soul too much. Her new Satyr form is, perhaps thankfully, less bound to a single tree, though she still enjoys being under a leaf.



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