fiendish agent provocateur


Cloaked in sanguine night, loquacious and persuasive, this fiend volunteers a great deal of information in order to “complete” the half-truths which manipulative and self-righteous celestials tell. It is quite open about the fact that fiends are known for their machinations, but suggests that it is at least a more honest stance to take: after all, everyone lies. Fiends are simply honest enough to drop all the insufferable pretenses about it. Maybe it makes mortals uneasy to hear that the angels leave out all the inconvenient and frightening facts, but fiends at least don’t insult and patronize mortals by treating them as if they don’t have a right to know.

Because, you see, some things really just shouldn’t be lied about. What possible utility is there in seeing the universe destroyed for petty, self-serving “morality”? Are morals really so important? What kind of convenient morality places oneself at the center of all meaning and value, even at the expense of all other life? Sure the fiends lie. They want power. They want to have a pleasant existence. They lie in pursuit of their goals — just as mortals do. But at least they don’t try to destroy worlds while trying to make mortals feel guilty about it like some other Powers we might mention… Surely a mortal can understand this and therefore see the wisdom of a more pragmatic, less destructive realism?

Tedious debates about abstract sophistry might be entertaining in a university dorm room while drunk, but they don’t address the very real business of getting on with life. Leave the bullshit sessions and pretentious sermons for the unformed minds: what sane, respectable or desirable philosophy would burn the world rather than see it thrive under a different paradigm?



Dreammaker Ripples