Rolf Yngeir

Byronic skald


Rolf is a level 1 human Skald. His attributes were generated via “Option C” and are as follows (his Human and Starsign bonuses have already been applied for level 1):

Str 14
Dex 14
Con 11
Int 11
Wis 8
Cha 16

He is 23 years old, 6 feet and 2 inches tall, 175 pounds, with long blonde hair and green eyes. He was born under the Sign of the Flower, and under the Trine of the Needle. He has the Pioneer and Trapfinder traits. The first two Bard Spells Known which he knows as a level 1 Skald are Solid Note and Saving Finale.


Raised on the outskirts of Numeria, his father was of the barbarian tribes and his mother a River Kingdoms peasant working a farmstead outlying Fraelungen, the city-state ruled by the Holfstadt family. Rolf himself spent his youth running footloose through the woods and listening for long hours by the campfires of his father’s relatives when their travels brought them near the villages in the winter. He learned the old epics and legends, the oral traditions and poems of the proud people who trace their ancestry to ancient stock whose blood has watered the grass from vast, untamed Numeria to the lands of Brevoy and beyond since before writing began. He learned the ways of their warriors, and was steeped in the wisdom of their witches, but more importantly, he grew to become a man of honor and courage like his father.

His unbounded youth instilled a wanderlust in him that could not be satisfied to tend a humble farm. His father knew that it would take time for his son to drink his fill of the world, and though his mother worries for his safety, they support and encourage their son to seek his fortune on the road, knowing that he will be a force for Good as he does.

He has a cheerful and affable personality in combination with a frontiersman’s charmingly-rough manners and hygiene. He believes firmly in the importance of the rule of justice and laws, as abstract foundations of a good society, and is youthfully idealistic enough to still believe that immaculate moral Righteousness need not conflict with that. He respects the autonomy and freedoms of others, and indeed believes that the mutual respect of personal freedom is what justice and wise laws are constructed upon. His main flaw of moral character is a young, healthy and handsome man’s pride in his own strength and “animal magnetism”: if he were a less-honorable man, he would well-deserve his reputation as a womanizer, and might still, depending on how many farm-daughters’ broken hearts still lie piled along the roads and haylofts behind him. The jealousy and even lust of other men does not bother him, and often only fuels his sense of virility, though he has yet to entertain one behind closed doors.

Rolf Yngeir

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