Queen Ilge Benesaine

Pitax's Queen in Mourning


The city-state of Pitax in the River Kingdoms has seen peace and prosperity these last twenty years under the relatively light touch of Queen Ilge Benesaine. Her late husband, the Prince Consort Mandrege Khalendt, died a mere six years after their marriage which was two years after she ascended to the throne. The union was, at first, a political affair, arranged for the convenience of mercantile relations, but their ensuing romance quickly became the saucy stuff of torrid gossip and envy. Rare as it may be for the wealthy, powerful and titled to find true love, it is even more rare they find it in a peer of their station.

She still wears the black of mourning.

Preferring to influence domestic affairs through the indirect manipulation of vested interests, she is rightly respected both for her piercing insights into what makes people tick as individuals — and the firm, but persuasive manner in which she forges graceful relations between the Throne and the coin lords who guide trade throughout the economic webs of the River Kingdoms. Although the Raven Throne is not as fabulously wealthy as its neighbor to the north, House Holfstadt of Fraelungen, it is well loved by the people and merchants alike. And the Raven Queen seems to have so far correctly reckoned the value of high regard among the people: coin may buy a smile, but it cannot buy a sincere one.

Known for her oblique criticism of the Master Of The Stained Key, Lord Holfstadt, and his flirtations with authoritarian coercion through threats, their official relationship is neutral. Unofficially, it is no secret that the Queen In Mourning greets Lord Holfstadt with a chill during State visits.


Queen Ilge Benesaine

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