Prince Donovon Benesaine

blooded heir of Pitax


His mother, Queen Ilge Benesaine, is known to have produced two children during her short but passionate marriage. His grandfather, King Renford Benesaine, abdicated the Raven Throne when his senility advanced too far to be hidden any longer, and he died soon after his son-in-law, Prince Consort Mandrege Khalendt. Prince Donovon was not old enough to remember his father or grandfather, however, and has lived in the shadow of their beloved memory all his life. Courtiers and his mother remind him too often to strive to be worth of the high standard they set.

Now a young man twenty years of age, he is widely regarded as the River Kingdoms’ most-eligible bachelor after Markov Holfstadt’s dalliances and elopement have colored the Peers’ opinions. Though Pitax is not as wealthy as her neighbor, gilded Fraelungen, the Benesaine family claims actual nobility and certainly maintains a more desirable public image. To sharpen the contrast between the two, young Donovon’s reputation regarding women is decidedly less scandalous — the influence of the constant comparisons to his esteemed father and grandfather, no doubt. Though he is more than ten years younger than Holfstadt’s heir, the maneuvering to orchestrate his courtship is a blizzard of conflicting motives that his mother cannot entirely shield him from. Indeed, she must, as Queen Regnant, have her own interests in mind.

Nevertheless, he scrupulously avoids being alone with young women, shrewdly dampening the potential rumors and allegations as he navigates the burdens of his position and feelings with an acute self-consciousness that must weigh heavily upon his youthful capacities. Although he hasn’t commented publicly on the rumors claiming that a marriage has been arranged between him and a foreign princess he has never met — efforts to lure his attentions towards more locally-sourced heritage have redoubled just on the possibility that it might be true.


Prince Donovon Benesaine

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