tomboy golddigger - DECEASED


Once upon a time, she earned rent as a “barmaid” in the River Kingdoms when she caught the eye of a rebellious young lordling. Naturally, her reputation and station in life did not merit the approval of a wealthy family with an interest in their extended family’s offspring. Pauly was pragmatic enough to know that keeping Markov’s affections was a very real way to escape her lot in life, and she pursued him convincingly enough that they eloped together, seeking a new life in the Greenbelt neighboring the River Kingdoms after his surgery left him horribly disfigured.

His rebellious attitude and disfigurement ostracized him enough from higher society that he was more than willing to flee with the one woman who would now share a bed with him, and perhaps they did share a certain kind of naive, desperate bliss. For a time.

As Nugrah’s manipulations and repulsive manner continued to corrupt her man, Pauly eventually just lost faith. Pregnant, outlawed and alone in the world, she fled Markov’s presence to pause with Kressle’s camp after meeting Torsted there. Unsure of how to secure her escape to Restov, she was still loitering with Kressle’s gang when adventurers arrived and dispatched most of the bandits there during an ambush one night.

After giving birth to a boy, Leif, Pauly’s position in the region grew only somewhat less dangerous for her. Declining both the dangers and rewards of being a mother to her unwanted son, she fled north from the Stolen Lands. She and Markov arranged to make use of her departure as a decoy to shield Markov’s hiding with their son.

Discovered with her neck broken in a secret saferoom bunker under a Lord Stanislau Holfstadt’s hunting lodge in the mountains on the outskirts of Fraelungen.



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