imprisoned concubine


Captured while traveling with his helpless lover, Ultranth, while seeking a cure for his affliction, the pair were imprisoned together. Oldreldr has been chained to a wall, enduring Karova’s attentions while desperately insulating his curse-addled lover from their dire situation. Karova tormented him by leaving Ultranth unbound, knowing that he would be incapable of freeing them both, and Oldreldr’s frustrations have become a scorching anger as his fey soul began to darken under her malign influence. He felt the wrongness cloaking the tower and feared it, which made his imprisonment that much more torturous for knowing he and his beloved would eventually succumb. His only hope had been that their lover, Baerneld, would find and free them.

After their rescue, Oldreldr had been dutifully tending to Ultranth’s basic needs, but is simply ecstatic to have him back after a rescue party ventured into the Dream to retrieve him.



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