Marquis Niccolo Embrechant

Brevish Viceroy


Rumor has it that his distant blood relationship to the Issian House Surtova brought him from foreign lands. His elvish looks, sophisticated taste, austere presence and the refined etiquette with which he bears himself all somehow strike a stark contrast with the relatively rustic nobles and aristocrats of young Brevoy so far into the frontier. His exoticism and charm have grown in the telling perhaps precisely because of how relatively new he is to the Brevish political scene, but he is clearly skilled, well-connected or both to have been named viceroy of Brevoy’s expansionist experiment to the south.

His name seals the writ which authorizes the PCs to explore and secure the Greenbelt of the Stolen Lands, as well as the proclamation of annexation and the establishment of the leper colony therein.


Marquis Niccolo Embrechant

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