Markov Holfstadt, the Stag Lord

the Stag Lord


Currently True Neutral

Human (Dex) Ran3 / Rog5
Str 14
Dex 15
Con 14
Int 11
Wis 8
Cha 13

Born under the sign of the Crown. Favored Enemy: Humans, Favored Terrain: Forests, Combat Style: Archery, Finesse Training: Short Swords, Rogue Talents: Survivalist and Combat Trick, Rogue’s Edge: Heal.


A powerfully-built man, Markov has many scars visible about his bared chest, and some of them appear to extend up his neck, though his mask-like helm conceals his face. His calloused hands grip a bow with the practiced familiarity of a formidable warrior. His accent is distinctly better educated than his surroundings, however his manner is brusque and moody.

Horribly disfigured after a “botched” surgery to remove a malignancy from his face, Markov is at once a wretched ball of self-loathing, stigma and crushed pride. Although he usually manages to keep up a front of practiced confidence and competence, his emotions are difficult to disguise when confronting the events of the last fifteen years.

After the surgery ruined his face, and on a half-baked dream shared with his woman to start a new life away from the judgmental and demanding eyes of his old life among the politics and money of the River Kingdoms, he and Pauly eloped. At first simply seeking to stake a farmstead in the Greenbelt to live in peace, Nugrah caught up with him and whispered in his ear of ambitions to prove himself as a man, to earn respect in the eyes of his alienated peers and vindicate his foolish infatuation for Pauly. He at least proved himself a charismatic leader of men. From behind an iconic mask, he lashed together the scattered bandit troupes, hunters and vagabonds dotting the Greenbelt into an effective, if not perfectly unified and disciplined, group with visions of grandeur.

Nugrah’s ambitions grew, as well, and the black witch is said to have woven together poisonous spells, words and potions all to puppeteer a once-proud and now broken man. By the time a band of adventurers from Brevoy raided the fort he was hole up in, Markov was delirious on his deathbed — a shaking shell of the man he once was. Although they spared his life and nursed him back to health, what he will do now with his second or third chance at a life remains to be seen.

Markov is heir of the Holfstadt family which rules the River Kingdoms city-state of Fraelungen, and now also the anxious father of his own heir: a bouncing baby boy.

Markov Holfstadt, the Stag Lord

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