Unseelie sprite - DECEASED? (TWICE OVER)


She has a vengeful streak a mile wide and the talent for pranks to indulge in it.

Apparently a capable sorceress, Lyudmilla employed magic to change her shape, charm her way into the bandit camp and hobnob with the black witch Nugrah. Pleased to have found a kindred soul to delight in wickedness alongside, she and Tixmiksorixiks wasted little time in goading Nugrah to even greater heights of vulgar depravity. Partly out of sheer spite for the adventurers who wrecked her nest, but also just because she could and because it amused her friend, Tix.

Lyudmilla finally antagonized the wrong people and met her justice once at the end of a mageling’s spear in the bandit fort… and then again when an eagle-mounted knight smote her ruin upon a mountain face.



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