Lord Stanislau Holfstadt

Lord Fraelungen - DECEASED


Markov’s father, lord and master of Fraelungen in the River Kingdoms, is the de facto king even if he does not style himself as such. His peers among the River Kingdoms’ city-states know him as a deceptively-clever politician with an iron will. Although he is not known to be especially cruel to his subjects, his relationship with his son, Markov, has been strained to the point that perhaps his critics’ allegations that he has a heart of ice might not be entirely unfounded. Regardless, it cannot be denied that his House is notoriously wealthy and his lands extraordinarily prosperous. And in the River Kingdoms, wealth is power.

Master Of The Stained Key, House Holfstadt is known for a complicated history rife with conspiracy and dark rumor. Although Lord Stanislau Holfstadt has kept a parade of consorts during his life, the manor is currently a dour place of business and plots. His advancing age is the subject of much, sometimes scandalously-delighted, gossip among the well-to-do who know very well that he has only one acknowledged heir — a horse, near death, but still flogged often to extract any new, juicy story.

Arrogant to the last, Lord Stanislau overestimated his strength when stubborn pride would not allow him to share his fears and knowledge with his assassins.


Lord Stanislau Holfstadt

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