Latou Mulntriip Belle Op Psipersia IX

sacred merfolk "prince"


His Highness is most definitely out of his element after capture and long abuse including torture and maiming. Although his manner still displays the unmistakable signs of a life spent in luxury as an important personage, he is an emotional wreck and far more meek and indecisive than he likely was before. His role within a distinctly merfolk religion is that of both holy oracle and one of the figureheads of the State. He has stated it is his ancient honor and obligation to bear any discovered Tears to the sacred temple complex in the waterways of what is now known as the Greenbelt. So the merfolk myth goes, a god-like being known as the Weeping Sea first bestowed life upon this world by weeping and thereby providing the necessary water for life to exist. The Tears first fell in the region of the Greenbelt, so the legend says, and the merfolk constructed vast temple complexes there in honor of that first blessing.

Latou himself tries to translate his titles and station into Common by selecting the words “sacred prince”, though he admits it’s not an exactly accurate connotation. His features and coloration are somewhat unusual, lending credit to his claim of a bloodline. In a heinous act of cruelty and malice, the black witch Nugrah gouged out his eyes, and so Latou is still adjusting to both the trauma and the practical difficulties of blindness.

The restoration of his physical eyes has lightened his mood significantly and reassured him of the good intentions of at least some of the party, opening him to share some of the premonitions he experiences about the past, present and future.


Latou Mulntriip Belle Op Psipersia IX

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