Lady Erin Yraudiir

Cavalier, Order of the Star - Milani


Lady Erin Yraudiir – Cavalier order of the star – Milani

Erin wasnt born a noble and did not earn the title of lady until later in life.
She was born to fair elf mother and a human father who had charmed her to leave her elfen
village at a young age. To erins mother it was like a fairy tail being whisked away
by handsome prince, sadly like most fairy tails it did not end well. erins father was really
a sadistic and curel man who suduced her mother in hopes of getting money from her family and
after she failed to give him a son for the second time he beat her to death infront of a young erin.

Most of Erins young life after this was spent bringing up and protecting her sister, often taking
beatings from her father who had become the mayor of the small village they lived in where the young and women lived like slaves.
The worst of it was when she was forced to kill animals, creatures and even other children in a small arena that her father
built for him and his friends entertainment.

The breaking point for her came when one of her father tried to sell her sister to his friend for a night
leading her to hide her sister away and take her place.

That night she waited till the man was asleep and she slit his throat then gather her sister from the hiding place
and stole a horse.

Riding the horse was the first bit of freedom she has ever felt in her life, That night when she slept in a clearing
she had a vision of the god Milani, speaking to her and urging her to return to the village to save the women and child
who had been abused by her father and his men.

Picking up a long branch and sharping it into a makeshift lance she charged into village and killed her father in a swoop charge
while rallying the downtroten people to rise up and fight.

In some miracle she and people managed to win and leave the village with the people in tow, and shortly after she joined the
order of the star to show her dedication to the deity who helped her and to coninte to help people who are downtrotten and opressed.


Lady Erin Yraudiir

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