commander of celestial legions


A planetar Called to cleanse the plague from throngs of desperate mortals, his high expectations are perhaps demanding but he appeared to be genuinely compassionate and understanding of mortal weaknesses such as fear and ignorance. Bound by laws of justice and honor-debts, he accepted payment as a form of “penance” and condescended, in his compassion, to agree to the task — in return for his Callers’ magically-bound oaths to seek and confront the Rejk.

He seems aware that righteousness is a difficult and painful path, and that mortals understandably might be offended by the tone of Outsiders lecturing them about their choices, but he is firm in his conviction that, in the end, what is Right is more important than vainglorious gluttony for vulgar power and brutish survival for survival’s sake. Some things are worth dying for, and some things really shouldn’t be part of Life in the first place. After all: if there weren’t sin in the world, there would be no suffering and anguish, no agonizing over the difficult choices between self-sacrifice and banal survival. To strive for a better tomorrow is never an experience which directly benefits the heroes of today. But if there were no heroes in the past, life today would be dark and terrible indeed.

In honor of the memory of such heroes, it is our solemn duty to pick up the banner and bear it hence, boldly, into a brighter future.



Dreammaker Ripples