Makoehashi cultist


The Old Ways are, he would say, an outlook or a way of living, rather than anything like an organized religion. His interpretation of the path of Passions focuses more on the pleasant and sensual sources of experience, and his lovers Oldreldr and Ultranth are his primary expression of that conviction. As such, he treats their capture and imprisonment as a sobering (and therefor intolerable) insult and threat to his spiritual wellbeing. He regards his personal freedom and happiness — and that of his lovers — as the ultimately important things in life.

Baerneld, like Oldreldr, is thrilled to have Ultranth back from his curse, and is more than happy to remain by his lover’s side in constant contact which soothes his anxiety. Baerneld tries not to let on, but he has been unnerved ever since the three were reunited. You get the impression that he has been giving a lot of thought to whatever his lover told him about the experience.



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